Thursday, May 10, 2012

1:51AM - Amsterdam Layover

Touched down in Amsterdam and am awaiting to board my next flight on to Paris. It feels like I got here in no time at all yet my body and mind are feeling the effects. I'm sweaty, exhausted, crabby, yet so far...I'm loving every minute!! :)

My flight was nice and smooth but I was surprised to notice that the person sitting in the middle of our 3-seater never went to the bathroom once, yet she was drinking just as much as I was. Her poor bladder! And the flight attendants (yes, I am consciously being politically correct here), were super nice yet a little snobby about the curtain that closed off the business class from economy. [insert Seinfeld moment here]

For dinner we had a nice salmon pasta with a side salad and a warm bun. For dessert, I had Amarula liquer - mmmm, creamy! Breakfast came surprisingly quickly and was a spinach & cheese omelette with yogurt and fruit. Not bad! KLM rocks tha house!

To pass the time I threw on The Rum Diary but wasn't all that impressed. Now that I mention it, all I really remember was Johnny Depp. My sleep session was a total bust so I'm running on empty having been up at the crack of dawn yesterday morning just itching to get going and my grammar and flare for forming a sentence is dwindling quickly.

Next stop...Paris!

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